The Dutch Thyroid Research Foundation cordially invites you to the 23rd edition of its annual symposium, which will take place on June 14 2019 at the “Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen” in Amsterdam. International and Dutch experts will highlight important recent developments in basic and clinical thyroidology.

The symposium will start with a session on basic and clinical aspects of thyroid hormone and pregnancy. Prof. Thomas Zoeller (University of Massachusetts Amherst) will discuss the effects of low thyroid-hormone levels on the developing brain followed by a presentation of Zhongli Chen (Erasmus MC, Rotterdam) who will discuss the regulation of thyroid-hormone transport across the placenta. Arash Derkhshan (ErasmusMC, Rotterdam) will give an update on thyroid autoimmunity and pregnancy outcome followed by an overview on mild thyroid dysfunction during pregnancy given by Dr. Roberto Negro (Lecce, Italy). Just before lunch, Dr. Rima Dhillon-Smith (University of Birmingham) will present the recent results of the TABLET trial, a clinical trial on T4 supplementation during pregnancy.

After lunch, the focus will shift to basic aspects of thyroid hormone and cancer. Dr. Theo Plantinga (Radboud UMC, Nijmegen) will discuss the novel insights in radioactive iodide resistance in thyroid cancer and Prof. Rob Coppes (UMCG, Groningen) will present exciting data on thyroid organoids. Katrin Rabold (RadboudUMC, Nijmegen) will discuss the metabolism of tumor-associated macrophages and Madelon Metman (UMCG, Groningen) will present the first results of a study on intra-operative targeted imaging for thyroid cancer. The last session of the day will focus on the clinical aspects of thyroid cancer discussing quality of life (Floor Mols, Tilburg University), radiotherapy (Andries Groen, UMCG Groningen) and MEN2A as genetic incidentaloma (Christine Teerink, RadboudUMC, Nijmegen). The day will end with a presentation by Prof. D. Taïeb (Aix-Marseille Université) on limiting the use of I131 in low risk thyroid cancer treatment.

The XXIII annual symposium of the Dutch Thyroid Research Foundation is supported by Eisai BV.

We look forward to an exciting meeting and hope to see you in Amsterdam!

The Dutch Thyroid Research Foundation

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Dutch Thyroid Research Foundation - Annual Meeting 2019


14 June 2019 - Amsterdam

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Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen

Mauritskade 63, 1092 AD, Amsterdam

The 23rd annual symposium of the Dutch Thyroid Research Foundation will take place on June 14, 2019.

Costs (including lunch and drinks)
Students: free
PhD students and fellows: € 25,-
Regular rate: € 100,-

This symposium will be accredited by the Nederlandse Internisten Vereniging (NIV)

Dutch Thyroid Research Foundation (Stichting Schildklieronderzoek Nederland)
Board: Prof. dr. T Links, dr. A. Boelen, Prof. dr. R.P. Peeters, dr. W.S. Simonides, dr. R. Netea-Maier

For more information you can send an e-mail to