Welcome to NVE conference Dutch Endocrine Meeting 2023 | 2-3 February 2023 – NVE congres

Dear colleagues,

We are delighted to invite you to the Dutch Endocrine Meeting 2023 at the NH Leeuwenhorst, Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands on Thursday 2 and Friday 3 February 2023.

The meeting is planned to be in person, with once again ample opportunity to interact with colleagues and experts in the field of endocrinology.

We have assembled a very exciting program with both plenary and parallel sessions, giving centerstage to clinical research and basic science. Confirmed speakers include award winning and leading International and Dutch scientists, spanning the entire spectrum of endocrine research, from basic discovery to clinical practice. The language of the meeting will be English.

An important part of the program, as always, has been reserved for the oral abstract presentations. In these sessions, colleagues, both young and old, can share their research in an environment that allows friendly and open discussion.

Hotel room
In case you would like to stay overnight please book your room via this link at the NH Noordwijk Conference Centre Leeuwenhorst. Rooms can not be guaranteed as of this date. In case there is no availability, please contact Sabine Zuijderhoudt via s.zuijderhoudt@nh-hotels.com or 0031 252 37 8423.

Accreditation is approved by:
• Nederlandse Vereniging voor Kindergeneeskunde (NVK) with 12 points;
• Nederlandse Internisten Vereniging (NIV) with 12 points.
• Nederlandse Vereniging voor Klinische Chemie en Laboratoriumgeneeskunde (NVKC) with 12 points.
• Accreditatiebureau Verpleegkundig Specialisten Register (VSR); with 13 points.
Accreditation is in process by:
• Accreditatiebureau Kwaliteitsregister V&V en Register Zorgprofessionals;
We are looking forward to welcome you to the DEM 2023!

On behalf of the organizers

Rachel van Leeuwaarde and Wilbert Zwart


Browse abstracts by subject or title

A diurnal trough in glucocorticoid signalling is critical for bone health
The best of both worlds: GR and PPARα crosstalk as a potential therapeutic strategy for rheumatic disease
The role of corticosteroid receptors in mediating stress-induced immune enhancement
Differences in lipid and blood pressure measurements between individuals with type 1 diabetes and the general population
DNA-binding is essential for Nur77-mediated trans-repression of NF-kB
Association of maternal concentrations of persistent organic pollutants with thyroid system during pregnancy
The optimal healthy ranges of thyroid function defined by the risk of cardiovascular disease and mortality: a systematic review and individual participant data analysis
It takes two: glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid receptor crosstalk boosts glucocorticoid-induced killing of multiple myeloma cells
Diagnostic and therapeutic landscape of adult chronic nonbacterial osteomyelitis of the anterior chest wall (CNO/SCCH): results from a first international physician survey
Daily variation in blood glucose levels during continuous enteral feeding in critically ill patients: biology or bias?
Regulatory regions and therapeutic targeting of Nur77
Adult chronic nonbacterial osteomyelitis of the sternocostoclavicular region (CNO/SCCH): an auto-inflammatory disease?
Development of LBD dimerization inhibitors for the AR: from in silico screening to in vitro characterization
The Effect of Hormone Replacement Therapy on Glucose Regulation in Postmenopausal Women with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Changes in cardiac function occur during early treatment for differentiated thyroid carcinoma
IGF-1 (SD) levels at childhood cancer diagnosis: a prospective, observational, cohort study
The GR antagonist CORT113176 attenuates behavioural and neurological symptoms of Huntington’s Disease in R6/2 mice
The GR antagonist CORT113176 attenuates behavioural and neurological symptoms of Huntington’s Disease in R6/2 mice
The functional mechanisms of the glucocorticoid- and mineralocorticoid receptor interactions
Next generation risk assessment of human exposure to anti-androgens and estrogens using newly defined comparator compound values
Preclinical characterization of the lipid-lowering effects in the mouse liver by miricorilant
Patient-Derived Medullary Thyroid Cancer Organoids as a Drug-Screening Application Model
A case of long-term culture of a primary human adrenocortical carcinoma spheroid
The tissue-specific effect of androgen signaling on the metabolic response to glucocorticoids
Dogma change: RXR is not an obligate heterodimerization partner of FXR
Cortisol-modulated Barrier Properties of Cultured Choroidal Endothelial Cells: a Model to Study Central Serous Chorioretinopathy
Peripheral glucocorticoid receptor antagonism by relacorilant with modest HPA axis disinhibition
Prospective relation between long-term glucocorticoid exposure and incident cardiovascular diseases in a large population based cohort: results from the Lifelines cohort study.
The ubiquitin E3 ligase Rnf125 is a novel PPAR target gene in adipocytes
Glycosylated glucocorticoid prodrugs show strongly reduced side effects due to specific Glucosylceramidase Beta 2–mediated activation in inflamed tissue
Different strategies to model SDHB-associated paragangliomas using zebrafish
Time-restricted feeding reprograms microglial day-night immunity in the hypothalamus
Metabolic and neuroendocrine adaptability following one night of partial sleep restriction in Dutch males
Functionally characterizing the co-regulator repertoire of the Glucocorticoid Receptor
The role of the gut microbiome in patients with midgut neuroendocrine tumors
Thyroid stimulation by hCG during pregnancy
Drug-Induced Epigenomic Plasticity Reprograms Circadian Rhythm Regulation to Drive Prostate Cancer toward Androgen Independence
Starving the tumor: Fasting-mimicking diet blocks endocrine therapy stress-induced ERα activity
Testosterones effect on erythropoiesis, iron status, hepcidin and erythropoietin in transgender men
A Critical Evaluation of the EU-virtual consultation platform (CPMS) within the European Reference Network on Rare Endocrine Conditions
Bone mineral density in transgender adolescents before the initiation of medical treatment
The dose-dependent effect of estrogen on bone mineral density in trans girls
Baseline clinical and treatment characteristics of dopamine agonist treated patients in a Dutch national cohort of patients with prolactinoma
Safety of growth hormone replacement in childhood craniopharyngioma patients: a cohort study and a critical review of the literature
The effect of storage and temperature on the stability of steroid hormones in dried blood spots.
A challenging diagnosis of pediatric Cushing’s disease: the decisive role of hair cortisol
Changes in sex hormone binding globulin concentrations in transgender persons using gender affirming hormone therapy
Low SHBG is related to increased liver fat, which mediates a small part of the association between SHBG and T2D
Reference interval definitions and prevalence of thyroid dysfunction in pregnancy: optimization of current methods
Harmonized protocols for growth hormone stimulation tests for children in the Netherlands
Managing pasireotide-associated hyperglycaemia in acromegaly with eucaloric very-low carbohydrate ketogenic diet versus diabetes medication
Does ghrelin deficiency alter metabolic effects of mild hyperandrogenism in female mice?
Influence of Lenvatinib on the functional reprogramming of peripheral myeloid cells in the context of non-medullary thyroid carcinoma
Syndecans enhance ghrelin-induced GHSR1a signalling
Het voorwaardelijke toelatingstraject: nieuwe optie voor zeldzame ziekten?
The incidence of autoimmune disease in transgender people after initiation of gender-affirming hormone therapy
Acquired Hypothalamic dysfunction in childhood: “What do patients need?“
Relapse in Graves’ Disease: the need for the GREAT+ score unraveled
Optimizing the Dutch newborn screening for congenital hypothyroidism by using amino acids and acylcarnitines via a machine learning based approach.
Prevalence and Hospital Admissions in Patients With Osteogenesis Imperfecta in The Netherlands: A Nationwide Registry Study
Beta cell mass in patients with obesity and type 2 diabetes undergoing gastric bypass surgery, measured by Ga-68-exendin-4 PET/CT
Visualizing GLP-1 receptor expression in humans non-invasively by exendin-4 PET/CT
How low can we (reliably) go? A method comparison of TSH assays with a focus on low concentrations.
Treatment of hyperthyroidism caused by toxic nodules or toxic multinodular goitre with radiofrequency ablation: a subgroup analysis
Treatment of hyperthyroidism caused by solitary toxic adenoma: study protocol for a multi-centre randomized controlled trial to compare radiofrequency ablation to radioactive iodine, the RABITO study
The association between hormonal control during infancy and testicular adrenal rest tumor (TART) development in males with CAH
Unraveling the molecular mechanisms underlying the day-night rhythm in brown adipose tissue
Suppression of the Adipokine Adipsin (complement factor D) Inhibits Brown Adipose Tissue Differentiation
Altered Collagen I And Premature Pulmonary Embryonic Differentiation In Patients With OI type II
Enhancer plasticity in endometrial tumorigenesis demarcates tumor driving non-coding mutations and alterations in 3D genome organization
Enhancer profiling identifies epigenetic markers of endocrine resistance and reveals therapeutic options for metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer patients
Metabolic effects of acute circadian desynchronization
Thyroid and adrenal incidentalomas in COVID-19 suspected patients in the emergency department

Browse authors

Houtsmuller, Adriaan B.
Iotova, Violeta
Malekzadeh, Arjan
Prekovic, Stefan
Schuurman, Karianne
Stenvers, Dirk Jan
Yavuz, Selçuk
(TSC), for the Thyroid Studies Collaboration
., I-CAH consortium
Aanstoot, Henk-jan
Aarts, Edo
Acke, Guillaume
Adriaansen, Bas P.H.
Afkir, Salwa
Ahmed, Syed Faisel
Andeweg, Els H.
Appelman-Dijkstra, Natasha M.
Appelman-Dijkstra, Natasha
Audhoe, Amber S.
Baak, Rosalie E.
Beck, Ilse M
Beerthuijzen, Suzanne
Bergman, Andries M
Berk, Kirsten A.C
Berkenbosch, Lizanne
Bhogal, Ranjit K.
Biermasz, Nienke R.
Biermasz, Nienke R
Birch-Machin, Mark
Bisschop, Peter H.
Bisschop, Peter H
Boelen, Anita
Bons, Judith
Boogers, Lidewij S.
Boogers, Lidewij S
Boon, Camiel J.F.
Bornehag, Carl-Gustaf
Bosch, Annet M
Boss, Marti
Brinks, Joost
Broeren, Maarten A.C.
Brom, Maarten
Bruinstroop, Eveline
Bruinstroop, Eveline
Caffa, Irene
Carmichael, Paul L
Chaker, Layal
Claahsen-van der Grinten, Hedi L.
Claessens, Frank
Claessens, Frank
Clarisse, Dorien
Clarisse, Dorien
Coopmans, Eva C.
Coppes, Robert R.P.
David, Karel
de Boer, Hans
De Bosscher, Karolien
De Herder, Wouter W.
de Jonge, Evert
de Jonge, Robert
De Mutsert, Renée
de Vries, Carlie
Deden, Laura N
Deden, Laura N.
Dekkers, Olaf M.
Delhanty, Patric J.D.
Delhanty, Patric J. D.
Demeneix, Barbara
den Elzen, Wendy PJ
den Elzen, Wendy P J
Den Heijer, Martin
den Heijer, Martin
Dent, Matthew P
Derakhshan, Arash
Dierselhuis, Miranda P.
Dijkstra, Jelmer J.
Dona, Margo
Donaldson-Collier, Maria
Dubois, Vanessa
Eerlings, Roy
Eickhoff, Nils
El Ghalbzouri, Abdoelwaheb
Elewaut, Dirk
Faber, Juliette
Faught, Erin
Feelders, Richard A.
Fijalkowska, Daria
Fiocco, Marta
Foppen, Ewout
Galuh, Sekar
Gentenaar, Max
Gilis, Elisabeth
Glubb, Dylan
Gotthardt, Martin
Gregoricchio, Sebastian
Gregoricchio, Sebastian
Gunn, David A.
Halima, Mahmoud
Hannema, Sabine E
Hazebroek, Eric
Hazebroek, Eric
Heijboer, Annemieke C.
Heijboer, Annemieke C
Heijboer, Annemieke C
Helsen, Christine
Helsen, Christine
Heuveling van Beek, Cecile
Hiemstra, Floor
Hillebrand, Jacquelien J.G.
Hillebrand, Jacquelien J
Hiort, Olaf
Hofland, Leo J.
Hofland, Johannes
Hoogstraat, Marlous
Houtman, Rene
Huisman, Martin
Hunt, Hazel J.
Hunt, Hazel
In het Panhuis, Wietse
Iyer, Anand M.
Jaeger, Martin
Jager, Eline E.C.
Jansen, Merel W.
Jansen, Heleen I
Jermei, Jarne
Jiao, Han
Jongh, Renate de
Joosten, Frank JBM
Jouffe, Céline
Kalsbeek , Andries
Kalsbeek, Andries
Kerkhofs, Matthias
Kersten, Sander
Kervezee, Laura
Klaassen, Ingeborg
Klink, Daniel T
Koedam, Marijke
Kojic, Aleksandar
Kooijman, Sander
Koorneef, Lisa L
Korevaar, Tim I. M.
Korevaar, Tim I.M.
Kortenkamp, Andreas
Kos, Sjana
Koutrouba, Eleni
Kovac, Kristina
Kraaij, Robert
Kroon, Jan
Kruijff, Schelto S.
Kuckuck, Susanne
Lam, Shania F.
Lamb, Hildo J
Lavrijsen, Sjan
Lebbink, Chantal A.
Lee, Xiao Yin
Leerling, Anne T.
Lefrandt, Joop D
Lengton, Robin
Lentjes, Eef G.W.M.
Li, Hequn
Lierop, Antoon van
Linder, Simon
Lindh, Christian H.
Links, Mirthe H
Links, Thera P
Links, Thera T.P.
Lith, Sanne
Lith, Sanne C
Madsen, Milou C
Mayayo-Peralta, Isabel
McLuskey, Anke
Mei, Hailiang
Meijer, Onno C.
Meijer, Johanna H.
Meijer, Onno C
Meijs, Floor van der
Meng, Li
Meulmeester, Fleur L
Mies, Rosinda
Mirzaian, Mina
Mohseni, Mostafa
Moll, Tijmen JA
Moore, Alison
Moxon, Thomas E
Mul, Dick
Mulders, Merijn C.F
Neac?u, Mihaela
Neggers, Sebastian J.C.M.M.
Nencioni, Alessio
Netea-Maier, Romana T
Nguyen, Tien
Nguyen, Tien T
Nieboer, Kasper
Offner, Fritz >
Olthof, Anouk
Osinga, Joris AJ
Oyen, Wim JG
Ozcan, Omar
O’Mara, Tracy
Padrão, Nuno
Paul, Susana N
Peeters, Robin P.
Pelsma, Iris C.M.
Pelsma, Iris CM
Peng, Chunying
Pereira, Alberto M.
Pereira, Alberto M.
Pereira, Alberto M
Plasschaert, Sabine L.A.
Pople, Jenny
Prekovic, Stefan
Prins, Karina
Rabold, Katrin
Ramos Pittol, Jose Miguel
Rensen, Patrick C.N.
Rietjens, Ivonne MCM
Roerink, Sean HPP
Rosendaal, Frits R
Rumanová, Valentína S.
Schilperoort, Maaike
Schlingemann, Reinier O.
Schmitz, Ellen
Schonk, Amber W
Schönke, Milena
Schröder, Mariska A.M.
Schutte, Moya
Schuurman, Karianne
Severson, Tesa
Severson, Tesa M
Severson, Tesa
Shu, Huan
Siegelaar, Sarah E.
Smit, Roelof A.J.
Smit, Annelies E.
Snel, Marieke
Sommers, Vera
Sondorp, Luc L.H.J.
Span, Paul N.
Speksnijder, Esther M.
Stades, Aline
Stangl, Theresa A
Steenbergen, Jacobie
Stelloo, Suzan
Stenvers, Dirk J.
Stenvers, Dirk Jan
Storoni, Silvia
Straetemans, Saartje
Study Group, Dutch Prolactinoma
Sweep, Fred C.G.J.
ten Noever de Brauw, Gaby V.
Thijs, Abel
Thommis, Jonathan
Tissing, Wim J.E.
Tummers, Roderick
Uhlenhaut, Nina H.
Ursem, Stan R
van Beelen, Martijn
van Beuzekom , Charlotte
van den Berg, Rosa
van den Berg, Sjoerd A.A.
van den Berg, Sanne M.
van den Bos, Cor
van den Burg, Janny
van den Burg, Ximaine R.
van den Dungen, Elisabeth S. R.
van den Hurk, Maartje
van der Boom, Trynke
van der Eerden, Bram C.J.
van der Klauw, Melanie M
van der Loos, Maria ATC
van der Meer, Peter
van der Meeren, Manon MD
van der Poel, Henk
van der Valk, Eline S
van der Veen, Suzanne W.
van Dijk, Elon H.C.
van Eenige, Robin
van Furth, Wouter R
van Haeringen, Marije
van Herwaarden, Antonius E.
van Hylckama Vlieg, Astrid
van Klinken, Jan Bert
Van Koetsveld, Peter M.
van Leeuwen, Flora
van Mil, Saskia W.C.
van Nieuwpoort, Caroline
van Roessel, Ichelle MAA
van Roon-Mom, Willeke M.C.
van Rossum, Elisabeth FC
van Santen, Hanneke M.
van Schaïk, Jiska
van Tongeren, Tessa CA
van Trotsenburg, Paul A S
van Twist, Daan
van Weeghel, Michel
Van Wesemael, Karlien
van Westerloo, David J.
Varkevisser, Rita DM
Vermeulen, Michiel
Verrijn Stuart, Annemarie
Verschoore, Susan
Vietor, Charlotte L.
Viho, Eva M. G.
Viho, Eva MG
Visser, Jenny A.
Vlaardingerbroek, Hester
Vlummens , Philip
Voet, Arnout
Vorderman, Ruben H.P.
Vries, Carlie JM
Wagner , Isabel V
Wang, Anhui
Warringa, Leonie T.L.
Wassenaar, Nienke
Wessels, Lodewyk
Wessels, Lodewyk
White, Emily K
Wickenhagen, Wjera V.
Wiepjes, Chantal M
Wilbert Zwart, Wilbert
Willems, Tineke P
Willems, Jeresa
Willemsen, Ellen C.L.
Winter, Elizabeth
Winter, Elizabeth M.
Wolffenbuttel, Bruce HR
Xu, Yanning
Yuan, Yini
Zaalberg, Anniek
Zandbergen, Ingrid M
Zandee, Wouter
Zandee, Wouter T
Zhu, Gewei
Zillikens, Carola
Zwart, Wilbert
Zwaveling-Soonawala, Nitash

Dutch Endocrine Meeting 2023 - meeting including diner


2-3 February 2023 - Noordwijkerhout | NVE members are eligible for a discount. Not a member yet? Please click here to become a member and register using the member discount rate.

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Dutch Endocrine Meeting 2023 - meeting only (without diner)


2-3 February 2023 - Noordwijkerhout | NVE members are eligible for a discount. Not a member yet? Please click here to become a member and register using the member discount rate.

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Langelaan 3, 2211XT Noordwijkerhout – Nederland

You can book a hotel room via this link.

Please feel free to contact the NVE Academy for any questions you might have regarding the DEM 2022.

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