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The Dutch Endocrine Meeting 2022 will be held at the NH Leeuwenhorst, Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands on Thursday 3 and Friday 4 February 2022.

Due to covid, we offer the participants to attend the meeting physically or online. That means that you can join us at the location or watch all presentations live from your screen. Unfortunately the dinner and party on Thursday 3 February are cancelled.

Please select the option of your choice when registering.

Accreditation is approved by:

  • Nederlandse Vereniging voor Kindergeneeskunde (NVK) with 10 points;
  • Nederlandse Vereniging voor Klinische Chemie en Laboratoriumgeneeskunde (NVKC) with 10 points;
  • Nederlandse Internisten Vereniging (NIV) with 10 points.

Accreditation is in process by the VSR.

Registration is possible via this website.

Hotel room reservation: hotel rooms can be booked directly at the NH Leeuwenhorst hotel via this link. Please note that rooms are limited, so make your booking as soon as possible to guarantee your room. Cancellation of your room is possible until 7 days before the meeting.

This hotellink can only be used by participants of the DEM 2022.

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Bone mineral density in children with Cystic Fibrosis
The effect of GnRHa and testosterone treatment on growth in trans boys
The effects of cross-sex steroids on IGF-I in transgender adults
The European Registry for Bone and Mineral Conditions (EuRR-Bone): the Use of a Core Registry for the Collection of Common Data Elements and Clinician and Patient Reported Outcomes
The Pituitary Tumour Module: Developing a Condition Specific Module within the European Registries for Rare Endocrine Conditions (EuRRECa)
Which European Guideline for Differentiated Thyroid Cancer predicts Disease Specific Survival the best?
The best of both worlds: nuclear receptor crosstalk to treat inflammatory disease.
Basal luteinising hormone in the diagnosis of central precocious puberty
The relation between long-term glucocorticoids in hair and anthropometric measurements and their possible determinants: a systematic review and meta-analysis
The heterogeneity of growth hormone response during oral glucose tolerance tests in patients suspected of acromegaly
Increased fT4 concentrations in patients using levothyroxine without complete suppression of TSH
Pregnancy disrupts the accuracy of automated fT4 immunoassays
Do automated fT4, cortisol and testosterone immunoassays measure accurately in samples from all patient groups?
Optimizing the timing of highest hydrocortisone dose in children and adolescents with 21-hydroxylase deficiency
Metformin and liraglutide treatment in severe therapy-resistant obesity: positive long-term results in a patient with signs of a defective leptin-melanocortin pathway
Clinical and radiographic assessment of peripheral joints in controlled acromegaly
Management of testosterone induced erythrocytosis in transgender people and hypogonadal men.
Diurnal salivary androstenedione and 17-hydroxyprogesterone levels in healthy volunteers for monitoring treatment efficacy of patients with congenital adrenal hyperplasia
Diurnal salivary androstenedione and 17-hydroxyprogesterone levels in healthy volunteers for monitoring treatment efficacy of patients with congenital adrenal hyperplasia
Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Gonadal Axis in Male Kidney Transplant Recipients: Novel Insights and Reference Values
Susceptibility to adrenal crisis is related to changes in excretion and bioactivity of cortisol
Chronic postsurgical pain after minimally invasive adrenalectomy: prevalence and impact on quality of life
Oral and inhaled glucocorticoid use are associated with changes in brain volume and white matter microstructure: a cross-sectional UK Biobank study
Genome-wide association meta-analyses of 9 thyroid-related traits in 271,027 individuals identify 525 genetic variants determining thyroid function
Cell heterogeneity in the human liver: implications for selective glucocorticoid receptor modulator treatment of NAFLD
Functional analysis of MC4R variants associated with obesity
The DEXA-CORT trial: a randomized placebo-controlled trial of hydrocortisone in brain tumour patients on the prevention of neuropsychiatric adverse effects caused by perioperative dexamethasone
Cross-sectional relation of long-term glucocorticoids in hair with anthropometric measurements and their possible determinants: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Transition from diencephalic syndrome to hypothalamic obesity in children with suprasellar low grade glioma; caused by the underlying disease, its treatment or by the developmental stage of the hypothalamus?
Cold-induced thermogenesis shows a diurnal variation, that unfolds differently in males and females
Resting energy expenditure and body composition in children and adolescents with genetic, hypothalamic, medication-induced or multifactorial severe obesity
Needs, preferences and values during different treatment decisions of patients with differentiated thyroid cancer.
Ghrelin deficiency sex-dependently affects food intake, glucose tolerance, and adipose and hepatic gene expression in mice
Dextroamphetamine treatment in children with hypothalamic obesity
Test 2

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Biermasz, Nienke
Abawi, Ozair
Abdelmoumen, Amir
Adriaansen, Bas PH
Alcantara, Juan MA
Alves, Inês
Amaya, Jorge Miguel
Appelman-Dijkstra, Natasha
Arets, Hubertus GM
Bakker, Boudewijn
Bakker, Stephan J.L.
Ballieux, Bart E.P.B.
Bauer, Jens
Biermasz, Nienke R
Biermasz, Nienke R.
Bisschop, Peter H
Bocca, Gianni
Boelen, Anita
Boelen, Anita
Boeters, Sanne C.M.
Boogers, Lidewij S
Boon, Mariëtte R
Bruinen, Anne L
Bryce, Jillian
Bryce, Jillian
Buijs, Madelon M
Bujnis, Melissa
Bujnis, Melissa N.
Bult, Marijn M
Burgerhart, Jan Steven
Burghard, Marcella
Burman, Pia
Castano, Luis
Celli, Mauro
Claahsen-van der Grinten, Hedi L
Claessen, Kim MJA
Clarisse, Dorien
Conemans, Elfi
Dattani, Mehul T.
de Bosscher, Karolien
de Groot, Cornelis J.
de Kort, Sandra WK
De Rijke, Yolanda B.
Dekkers, Olaf M.
Delhanty, Patric J. D.
Delhanty, Patric JD
den Heijer, Martin
Dirven, Clemens M.F.
Elewaut, Dirk
Ertl, Diana-Alexandra
Fibbi, Benedetta
Galesloot, Tessel
Galesloot, Tessel E.
Gan, Hoong-Wei
Girbes, Aurelie C.
Gootjes, Jeannette
Grasemann, Corinna
Haeusler, Gabriele
Hannema, Sabine E
Haufler, Florentina
Heijboer, Annemieke
Heijboer, Annemieke C
Heijer, Martin
Hillebrand, Jacquelien J
Hoeks, Sanne E.
Högler, Wolfgang
Hoving, Eelco
Huisman, Martin
Hunt, Hazel
Iyer, Anand M.
Jansen, Heleen I
Jazet, Ingrid M.
Kalra, Bhanu
Kema, Ido P.
Kemmeren, Mirjam
Kleinendorst, Lotte
Kloppenburg, Margreet
Koning, Anne-Sophie C.A.M.
Kooijman, Sander
Koorneef, Lisa L
Koot, Rosalie
Koster, Emma C.
Köttgen, Anna
Kreukels, Baudewijntje P
Kroon, Herman M
Kroon, Jan
Kumar, Ajay
Langenhuijsen, Johan F.
Laven, Joop S.E.
Lequin, Maarten
Li, Yong
Louwers, Yvonne V.
Louwers, Yvonne V
Madsen, Milou C.
Marouli, Eirini
Martinez-Tellez, Borja
McLuskey, Anke
Medici, Marco
Meijer, Onno C.
Meijer, Lisethe
Meng, Li
Mies, Rosinda
Mohseni, Mostafa
Mooij, Christiaan F
Moojen, Wouter A.
Moolhuijsen , Loes M.E.
Naito, Tatsuhiko
Nandoe Tewarie, Rishi D.S.
Nota, Nienke N
Peeters, Robin
Peeters, Robin P.
Pelsma, Iris CM
Pelsma, Iris C.M.
Pereira, Alberto M
Pereira, Alberto M.
Pereira, Alberto M.
Prekovic, Stefan
Priego Zurita, Ana Luisa
Priego Zurita, Ana Luisa
Prins, Karina
Rehorst, Lineke
Rensen, Patrick CN
Rodriguez Rondon, Alejandra V.
Rodríguez Rondón, Alejandra V.
Sardjoe Mishre, Aashley
Satoer, Djaina D.
Schott, Dina A
Schröder, Mariska AM
Smit, Jan
Smit, Jan W.A.
Span, Paul N
Stalder, Tobias
Stam, Suzanne P.
Stegenga, Merel T.
Sterenborg, Rosalie B.T.M.
Straat, Maaike E
Straetemans, Saartje
Sweep, Fred CGJ
Takken, Tim
Tamer, Gizem
Teumer, Alexander
Thijs, Abel
Thommis, Jonathan
Timmers, Henri J.L.M.
Torenbeek, M
van Balkum, Mathé
van Beek, André P.
van den Akker, Erica L.T.
van den Akker, Erica LT
van den Akker, Erica L. T.
Van den Akker, Erica L.T.
Van den Berg, Sjoerd A.A.
van der Ent, Cornelis K
van der Kamp, Hetty J
van der Meulen, Merel
van der Valk, Eline S
Van der Valk, Eline S.
van der Velden, Janiëlla A
van der Voorn, Bibian
Van der Voorn, Bibian
van Dijk, Anne
van Faassen, Martijn
van Furth, Wouter R.
van Ginhoven, Tessa M.
van Haelst, Mieke M.
van Haelst, Mieke M
van Helden, Esmee V.
van Herwaarden, Antonius E
van Herwaarden, Antonius E
van Kemenade, Folkert J.
van Roessel, Ichelle Maria Anna Agnes
van Rossum, Elisabeth F.C.
van Rossum, Elisabeth FC
van Rossum, Elisabeth F.C.
van Rossum, Elisabeth F. C.
Van Rossum, Liesbeth F.C.
van Santen, Hanneke M
van Santen, Hanneke
van Schaik, Jiska
van Tellingen, Vera
van Trigt, Victoria R
van Trigt, Victoria R.
van Trostenburg, Paul SP
van Uitert, Allon
van Velsen, Evert F.S.
van Velzen, Daan M
Verburg, Frederik A.
Verkleij, Magdalena MA
Vervloet, Marc G
Viho, Eva M.G.
Vinkers, Christiaan H.
Visser, Jenny A
Visser, Jenny A.
Visser, Jenny
Visser, W. Edward
Vulto, Annet
Warlé, Michiel C.
Welling, Mila S.
Welling, Mila S
Wester, Vincent L.
Wiepjes, Chantal M
Wiepjes, Chantal
Willemsen, Lieve A
Wondergem, Marielle
Zamanipoor Najafabadi, Amir H.
Zwart, Wilbert
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Dutch Endocrine Meeting 2022 - on location


3-4 February 2022 - Noordwijkerhout | NVE members are eligible for a discount. Not a member yet? Please click here to become a member and register using the member discount rate.

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Dutch Endocrine Meeting 2022 - online


3-4 February 2022 - Noordwijkerhout | NVE members are eligible for a discount. Not a member yet? Please click here to become a member and register using the member discount rate.

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Langelaan 3, 2211XT Noordwijkerhout – Nederland

Please feel free to contact the NVE Academy for any questions you might have regarding the DEM 2022.

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