The Dutch Endocrine Meeting  2018 will be held in Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands on January Thursday 25 and Friday 26 2018. We created a very exciting program with plenary and parallel sessions with famous invited speakers, Dutch price winners and bench-bedside/bedside-bench presentations.

The language of the meeting will be English.  The abstract submission is closed.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Noordwijkerhout and hope you will enjoy the meeting as much as we will.

Sincerely yours,
on behalf of the organizers

Liesbeth van Rossum en Bas Havekes


NVE prices and awards 2017-2018

The Dutch Endocrine Meeting is accredited by the NIV, NVK and NVKC.

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Pharmacokinetics of oral hydrocortisone – Results and implications from a randomized controlled trial.
Prevalence and pathophysiology of early dumping in patients after primary Roux-en-Y gastric bypass during mixed meal tolerance test.
The metabolic adaptation to fasting is associated with striatal dopamine transporter availability in lean and obese humans
Peri-operative cortisol secretion in different types of surgical procedures: meta-analysis
The Association of Maternal Thyroid Autoimmunity During Pregnancy with Child IQ
The association of smoking and second-hand smoke exposure with thyroid function during early pregnancy
Impact of the choice of IGF-1 reference interval on the assessment of growth hormone deficiency in children
Effects of long term endogenous corticosteroid exposure in brain structures. MRI imaging analysis in the AdKO mouse.
Kisspeptin/RFRP: an ON/OFF switch for reproduction and metabolism?
Development of a Dutch low-iodine cookbook for thyroid cancer patients
Management of fludrocortisone and salt therapy over the first 3 years of life in children with congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) – preliminary analysis
A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Endocrine-Related Adverse Events associated with Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors
Measuring PTH with 2nd or 3rd generations assays: clinical implications
Natural course of MEN-2B syndrome in a Dutch single center cohort
Evolution of mesenteric metastasis in small intestinal neuroendocrine tumours.
Palliative surgery in advanced small intestinal neuroendocrine tumours.
Thyroid function, coagulation markers and cardiovascular outcomes: The Rotterdam Study
Elevated creatinine in hypothyroidism: a case report of a commonly occurring phenomenon
The association between thyroid stimulating hormone and renal function in an euthyroid Dutch population of older persons
A false positive prolonged fasting test in a patient with Alport syndrome
Glucocorticoid receptors involved in fear memory of Post- traumatic stress disorder: potential for epigenetic reversal
Jdp2 as Novel and Stress Responsive Mineralocorticoid Receptor Target Genes in the Mouse Hippocampus
The Effect of Vitamin D Supplementation on Plasma Non-oxidized PTH Concentration
Long term follow-up of children with classic congenital adrenal hyperplasia: time for more age-specific treatment strategies?
Titrating growth hormone dose to high-normal IGF-1 levels has beneficial effects on body fat distribution and microcirculatory function despite causing insulin resistance
Circulating steroid hormone variations throughout different stages of prostate cancer
Systemic erythrocyte-bound apolipoprotein B in Diabetes
A rare cause of spontaneous hypoglycemia
Is it all menopause doctor?
Normocalcemic Primary Hyperparathyroidism: a comparison with the hypercalcemic form in a tertiary referral population.
Familial Paget’s disease of bone: Long-term follow-up of index families in The Netherlands
Relationship between a NAFLD genetic risk score and coronary artery disease: evidence for a pathway-specific association
Patients with acromegaly display a skewed innate immunity phenotype towards inflammation
Changes in total- and visceral adipose tissue and cardiometabolic risk factors in trans persons during one year of cross-sex hormonal therapy: results from a multicenter prospective study
Polycythemia in transmen – Prevalence and determinants
Facial feminization/masculinization: the effect of cross-sex hormonal treatment
Patients with acromegaly display a skewed innate immunity phenotype towards inflammation
Impact of comorbidity on health-related quality of life in individuals using levothyroxine
Anterior pituitary dysfunction in patients with primary antibody deficiencies
Efficacy and safety of pasireotide LAR monotherapy or combination therapy with pegvisomant in acromegaly patients previously controlled with combination therapy of first-generation somatostatin analogues and pegvisomant (PAPE study): a prospective, open-label 48 week study
IGF-1 test and SD score: fit for purpose?
Long-term effects of radioiodine treatment on salivary gland function in survivors of pediatric differentiated thyroid carcinoma
Is it all menopause doctor?
Breast Cancer in Transgender Persons Receiving Cross-Sex Hormone Therapy: Results of a Nationwide Cohort Study
Increase in Lumbar Spine Z-score after 10 Years of Cross-sex Hormonal Treatment in Transwomen and Transmen
Evaluation of diagnostic investigations in infants with ambiguous genitalia – a single centre study.
Dose dependent effects of progesterone on white adipocyte differentiation in vitro
Satiety, hunger and gastrointestinal hormones during a Mixed Meal Tolerance Test in patients after gastric bypass surgery: an association with plasma amino acid concentrations
Unsaturated fatty acid synthesis is a metabolic feature of thyroid cancer-associated macrophages
An unusual cause of hypercalcemia in pregnancy
Pedunculated aldosterone-producing adenoma drained by an extra vein
Early detection of hypoglycemia in type 1 diabetes using heart rate variability measured by a wearable device
Digoxin treatment induces tumor redifferentiation and augments radioactive iodide uptake in a mouse model of BrafV600E-induced thyroid cancer
Screening for atypical femur fractures using extended femur scans by DXA
Patients with an impaired fructolysis are characterized by a paradoxical increase in hepatic fat content
The relationship between serum IGF-1, handgrip strength, physical performance and falls in elderly men and women
Digoxin treatment for heart disease is associated with a higher tumor differentiation status in non-medullary thyroid cancer patients
Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy in patients with Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma: predictors and pitfalls
While women feel cold, men may not
Serum paraoxonase-1 activity is inversely related to free thyroxine in euthyroid subjects: The PREVEND Cohort Study
The clinical applicability of low levels of thyroglobulin autoantibodies (TgAbs) as cut-off point for TgAb positivity
CORT125281 acts as a specific glucocorticoid receptor antagonist in liver and pituitary.
A transforming pituitary adenoma
The influence of metformin and dieting on thyroid iodide uptake in healthy volunteers: a pilot study.
Is endoscopic trans-sphenoidal selective adenoma resection superior and cost-effective compared to medical treatment with Cabergoline for prolactinoma patients?
Effects of age and gender on body composition after 4 years of growth hormone treatment in adult-onset hypopituitarism.
Is Surgery a Viable Alternative First Line Treatment for Prolactinoma Patients? A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Clinical Outcomes, Quality of Life and Costs.
Pituitary adenoma growth affected by GnRH agonists? – Systematic review and cohort study
Circadian misalignment induces fatty acid metabolism gene profiles and compromises insulin sensitivity in human skeletal muscle
Metabolic subtyping of pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma by 18F-FDG pharmacokinetics using dynamic PET/CT scanning
PRMT3 inhibitor SGC707 treatment impairs the ability of LXR to stimulate lipogenesis and induce hepatic steatosis in mice
Familial Paget’s disease of bone: Long-term follow-up of index families in The Netherlands
Passive Coping Strategies Are Associated With Higher Impairment In Quality Of Life In Patients With Fibrous Dysplasia
Psychosocial development in survivors of childhood differentiated thyroid carcinoma
Gonadal Function in Adult Male Patients with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia
The 10 Hounsfield Units cut-off value on unenhanced CT imaging is highly sensitive to diagnose pheochromocytoma: a multicenter study

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Dullaart, Robin
Aberer, Felix
Adank, Muriel A
Adema, Gosse J
Adriaanse, Sofie M.
Ahmed, Faisel
Amaya, Jorge Miguel
Andreescu, Corina
Andreescu, C.E.
Anita, Hokken-Koelega
Appelman-Dijkstra, Natasha M
Appelman-Dijkstra, Natasha M.
Appelman-Dijstra, Natasha M.
Arlt, Wiebke
Arntz, Mark
Atiq, Ferdows
Ballieux, B
Ballieux, B. E.P.B.
Bano, Arjola
Barbé, Ellis
Beukhof, Carolien M.
Biermasz, N
Biermasz, N. R.
Biermasz, Nienke R.
Bijker, Else
Bisschop, Peter
Bisschop, Peter H
Bizino, Maurice B.
Blankenstein, Oliver
Blazevic, Anela
Blazevic, Anela
Bocca, Gianni
Boekschoten, Mark
Boertien, Tessel M
Bons, J. A.P.
Booij, Jan
Bornehag, Carl-Gustaf
Bouvattier, Claire
Bouwhuis, Ilse
Brabander , Tessa
Brabander, Tessa
Bravenboer, Bert
Bredie, Sebastian J.
Broeren, Maarten
Brouwers, Adrienne H.
Brouwers, M. C.G.J.
Brouwers, Martijn C.G.J.
Brummel, Koen
Bryce, Jillian
Buitendijk, Sanne
Buitenwerf, Edward
Burggraaf, Benjamin
Buurstede, Rob
Cassiman, D.
Castro Cabezas, Manuel
Cázarez-Márquez, Fernando
Chaker, Layal
Chunharojrith, P
Claahsen - van der Grinten, Hedi
Claahsen - van der Grinten, Hedi L
Claahsen-van der Grinten, Hedi
Cobbaert, C
Cobbaert, C. M.
Conemans, Elfi
Connell, Niels
Cools, Filip
Coopmans, Eva C.
Corver, Wim E.
Crezee, Thomas
Dalm, V. A.S.H.
de Blok, Christel JM
de Blok, Christel
de Filette, Jeroen M.K.
de Galan, Bastiaan E.
de Geus-Oei, Lioe-Fee
de Heide, Loek JM
de Herder, Wouter W.
de Herder, Wouter W.
de Herder, Wouter W.
de Jongh, Renate T
de Maat, Moniek P. M.
de Mutsert, Renée
de Rijke , Yolanda B.
Debray, F. G.
Defreyne, Justine
Deinum, Jaap
Dekker, Bernadette L
Dekker, Bernadette L.
Dekkers, Olaf M.
Dekkers, Tanja
Demeneix, Barbara
den Heijer, Martin
den Heijer, M.
Derakhshan, Arash
Ding, Jinlan
Drent, Madeleine L
Drent, Madeleine L.
Duez, Helene
Dullaart, Robin P.F.
Dumontet, Typhanie
Eekhoff, Marelise MW
Eekhoff, Marelise M.W.
Eekhoff, Marelise
Eisenhofer, Graeme
Eliveld, Jitske
Emous, Marloes
Engels, Manon
Falhammar, Henrik
Feelders, Richard
Feelders, Richard A.
Feelders, Richards A.
Feskens, E. J.
Fisher, Alessandra
Fliers, Eric
Forouzanfar, Tim
Francic, Vito
Franco, Oscar H.
Franken, Anouk S.E.
Franssen, Gaston J.H.
Gaksch, Martin
Gehrmann, Katharina
Girbes, Aurelie C.
Gotthardt, Martin
Grefhorst, Aldo
Grübler, Martin
Guxens , Monica
Haag, Charlotte
Haak, Harm
Hamoen, Esther C
Han, Fang
Hans, Krabbe
Hansen, Jan
Havekes, Bas
Heckmans, Kim M.L.
Heijboer, Annemieke
Heijboer, Annemieke C.
Heiner-Fokkema, M Rebecca
Hermus, Ad R.M.M.
Hermus, Ad
Hermus, Ad RMM
Hesselink, Matthijs
Hessels, Niek R.
Hoeks, Joris
Hoeks, Sanne E.
Hoekstra, Menno
Hofland, Johannes
Hofland, Leo J.
Hofland, Johannes J.
Hollak, C. E.M.
Hooiveld, Guido
IJzerman, Richard
Isaacs, Aaron
Janssen, Marcel J.R.
Janssen, Joseph A.M.J.L.
Janssen, M. J.R.
Joëls, Marian
Kaikaew, Kasiphak
Kalsbeek, Andries
Kam, Boen L.R.
Kam, Boen L.R.
Kasper, Nicolien
Kavousi, Maryam
Kemenade, Folkert J.
Kempers, Marlies
Kersten, Sander
Kerstens, Michiel
Klaver, Maartje
Klein Hesselink, Marielle S.
Klein Hesselink, Esther N
Klein Hesselink, Mariëlle S.
Klein Hesselink, Mariëlle S
Klosen, Paul
Koek, Ger H
Koeneman, Mats
Köhler, Birgit
Konijn, Vincent
Konings, Inge RHM
Kooi, M. E.
Koorneef, Lisa L.
Korevaar, Tim I.M.
Korteweg, Tijmen
Kortmann, Barbara B
Kortmann, Barbara
Kos, S.
Kos, S
Kourime, Mariam
Kramer, Mark H.
Kreukels, Baudewijntje P
Krone, Nils
Kroon, Jan
Krul-Poel, Yvonne H.M.
Krul-Poel, Y. H.
Kuiper, T M
Kuiper, T. M.
Kusters, Benno
L. Lindeboom, L.
la Fleur, Susanne E.
Langenhuijsen, Johan
Laran-Chich, Marie-Pierre
Laskewitz, Anke J
Leebeek, Frank W. G.
Lenders, Jacques
Lentjes, Eef G.W.M.
Levie, Deborah
Lianne, Boesten
Liberton, Niels P.T.J.
Lindeboom, L.
Links, Thera P.
Links, Thera
Links, Thera T.
Links, Thera P
Links, Thera P.
Lips, Paul
Lips, Mirjam A
Maarten, Broeren
Mangnus, Annemarie M.B.
Martinez, Antoine
März, Winfried
Mattace-Raso, Francesco U. S.
McLuskey-Dankbar, Anke
Meijer, Rick I.
Meijer, Onno C
Meijer, Onno C.
Meijer, Brigitte A.
Milesi, Sebastien o
Milesi, Sebastien
Mol, Isabel M.
Montanier, Nathanaelle
Morreau, Hans
Muhammad, Ammar
Muller Kobold, Anneke
Muller Kobold, Anneke C
Muller Kobold, Anneke C
Muller Kobold, Anneke C.
Nagarajah, James
Neggers, Sebastian J.C.M.M.
Neggers, S. J.C.M.M.
Neggers, Sebastian J.C.M.M.
Nelson, Scott M.
Netea, Mihai G
Netea-Maier, Romana T.
Netea-Maier, Romana T
Netea-Maier, R.
Neumann, Uta
Nies, Marloes
Nieveen van Dijkum, Els J
Nordenström, Anna
Nota, Nienke M
Nota, Nienke
Obermayer-Pietsch, Barbara
Olde Bekkink, Marleen
Oostdijk, W
Oostdijk, W.
Otten, Barto
Pages, Gilhem
Pandis, Marlene
Peeters, Robin P.
Peeters, Joséphine JM
Pelsma, Iris C.M.
Pereira, Alberto M.
Pereira, Alberto M
Phielix, Esther
Pierreux, Jan
Pijnenburg-Kleizen, Karijn
Pilz, Stefan
Plantinga, Theo S.
Plantinga, Theo S
Postma, Mark R.
Rabold, Katrin
Ras, Annika
Reisch, Nicole
Richter-Unruh, Annette
Rijks, Ester BG
Riksen, Niels P
Roeleveld, Nel
Rohayem, Julia
Roozendaal, Benno
Ross, Richard
Rotman, Marlous
Sahut-Barnola, Isabelle
sarabdjitsingh, R. Angela
Sarabdjitsingh, R. Angela
Savas, Mesut
Schaap, Laura A
Schalkwijk, C. G.
Schaper, N. C.
Schaper, Nicolaas C.
Scheer, Frank
Schneider, Thomas
Schrantee, Anouk G.
Schrauwen, Patrick
Schultze, Joachim L
Schwetz, Verena
Selvakumar, Tharsana
Serlie, Mireille J.
Serne, Erik H.
Shi, Yuxiu
Simonneaux, Valérie
Simons, N (Nynke)
Simons, N. (Nynke)
Simons, Nynke
Simsek, S.
Slagter, Sandra
Sloot , Yvette J.E.
Sloot, Yvette
Sluiter, Wim J.
Smit, Johannes W.A.
Smit, Jan WA
Smit , J. W.
Smit, M.A.
Smits, Alexandra
Smits, Sandra
Snaterse, Gido
Span, Paul N
Staels, Bart
Stegenga, Merel
Stegenga, Merel T.
Stehouwer, C. D.A.
Stehouwer, Coen D.A.
Stikkelbroeck, Nike
Stolker, Robert Jan
Stunnenberg, Hendrik G.
Sulkers, Esther
Swart, Linda G.
Sweep, Fred C
Taylor, Peter N.
Tebbens, Marieke
ter Horst, Kasper W.
Tesselaar, Marika H.
Tesselaar, Marika H
Thiele, Christoph
Thomas, Chris
Tiemeier, Henning
Timmers, Henri
Timmers, Henri J.L.M.
Tissing, Wim J E
Tomaschitz, Andreas
Trummer, Christian
Tuckermann, Jan P.
T\'Sjoen, Guy
Unmehopa, Unga A.
Unuane , David
Ursem, Stan
Valk, Gerlof D
van Alfen - van der Velden , Janiëlle
van Beek, André P
van Berkel , Anouk
van Bunderen, Christa C.
van de Geijn, Gert-Jan M
van de Laarschot, Denise
van den Broek, Merel
van der Ent, M W
van der Hagen, P. M.
van der Heijden, Charlotte DCC
van der Heijden, Charlotte DCC
van der Horst-Schrivers, Anouk N.A.
van der Horst-Schrivers, Anouk N A
van der Klauw, Melanie
van der Kleij-Corssmit, Noortje
van der Lely, Aart J
van der Linde, Annelieke AA
van der Linden, J.
van der Meulen, Noelle
van der Weerd, Louise
van Dijk, Dennis
Van Dorst, Marloes M.A.R.
van Eede, Mathijs
van Engelen, Klaartje
van Engen – van Grunsven, Ilse A.C.H.
van Engen-van Grunsven, Ilse
van Furth, Wouter R.
van Galen, Katy A.
Van Herwaarden, A. E.
van Herwaarden, Antonius E
van Herwaarden , Teun
van Kemenade, Folkert J.
van Kinschot, C.M.J.
van Marken Lichtenbelt, Wouter
van Moorsel, Dirk
van Nederveen , Francien H.
van Nieuwpoort, I. Caroline
van Noord, C.
van Rossum, Elisabeth F.C.
van Tienhoven-Wind, Lynnda J.N.
van Velsen, Evert F.
van Velthuysen , Loes F.
van Velthuysen, Marie-Louise F.
van Velzen, Daan M.
van Weert, Lisa T.C.M.
van Zoest, Martine
Vanhoeij, Marian
Veeger, Nic JGM
Veldhuis-Vlug, Annegreet G
Veldhuis-Vlug, Annegreet
Velema, Marieke S
Velkeniers, Brigitte
Velkeniers, Brigitte
Verdaasdonk, Ruud M.
Verheyen, Nicolas
Verrijn Stuart, Annemarie A
Verstegen, Marco J.T.
Vettorazzi, Sabine
Visser, Erik
Visser, Jenny A.
Visser, Edward W.
Visser, W. Edward
Vissink, Arjan
Vlot, Mariska C
Vonk Noordegraaf, Margreet A.
Vos – Froberg , Lideke C.
Vriens, Dennis
Warda, A. S.
Webb, Emma A
Wefers, Jakob
Wiepjes, Chantal M
Wiepjes, Chantal
Wijma, Ragnhild B
Wolffenbuttel, Bruce
Wolffenbuttel, Bruce HR
Wolters, Thalijn LC
Wolthuis, Albert
Wouters, Hanneke J.C.M.
Yolanda, de Rijke
Zamanipoor Najafabadi, Amir H.
Zandbergen, Ingrid M.
Zandee, Wouter T.
Zillikens, Carola
Zillikens, Carola
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Dutch Endocrine Meeting 2018 - meeting only (without diner and hotel)


25-26 January 2018 - Noordwijkerhout | NVE members are eligible for a €50,00 discount.

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Langelaan 3, 2211XT Noordwijkerhout – Nederland


Shuttle service
A shuttle service will be available between Leiden Central Station and NH Noordwijk Conference Centre Leeuwenhorst. Please send an e-mail to before 18 January 2018 if you would like to use the shuttle service.

Thursday 25 January 9:30 – Leiden to Noordwijkerhout
Departure at Leiden Central Station, city centre side, bus stop near the Aldi

Friday 26 January 15:45 – Noorwijkerhout to Leiden
Departure at the main entrance of NH Noordwijk Conference Centre Leeuwenhorst

Conference office
Birgit Ensing / Marga Wolthuis
tel: 020 5666071 / 050 3613962